Should You Work In Dhaka City?

Working in Dhaka City can be stressful but is quite rewarding. Dhaka is not a place to lead a peaceful life. If you can adjust to the traffic jam and ensure your safety, you should work in Dhaka City. Strategy is required to live a balanced life in Dhaka.

Dhaka is a place of beauty, population, and pollution. How could you enjoy the beauty along with avoiding the issues in this megacity? This is the most populous city in Bangladesh. The whole town is characterized by urban life with vibrant and versatile culture. It is a city of old and modern visuals, including traditional Bengali festivities, entertainment, heritage, and historical places.

This article contains a review of Dhaka city. Things that you have to maintain to live peacefully in Dhaka are discussed here. This will help you know if you should work in Dhaka City.

Things to consider before working in Dhaka city

Working in Dhaka city is like a race. You have to start first if you want to reach the goal first. Simply put, you have to be more advanced to live better in the city and maintain your work. You have to consider these following things before start living and working in Dhaka city,

Is Dhaka City poor?

Dhaka City is poor because it is located in Bangladesh, which is a poor country. One-third of the population in Bangladesh is below the poverty line. The overwhelming passenger pressure into public transportation, dirty roadsides, and an unhygienic environment will make you concerned about your health and safety.

The most exciting thing is that you’ll get a room or flat rent at a low cost under many different conditions. Such as, you can share your flat with some other bachelor or corporate person. Additionally, this will help you to live with your colleagues or friends together.

Of course, Dhaka City is quite cheap, but it won’t be as cheap as poor US states such as Missouri or Kansas. The cost of living is closer to places like Chittagong, Islamabad, and Kuching.

To have a precise idea of the cost of living in Dhaka City, you can check the following video:

Credits to JASON BILLAM TRAVEL for this video detailing how expensive is Dhaka City

Are there traffic jams in Dhaka City?

Dhaka City contains a traffic jam that never ends. People in this city have to consider a part of their valuable time to waste on the road. The government is currently working to develop roads, flyovers, and city trains to reduce the pressure on the population in one place.

Moreover, you can save this massive time from draining daily with your co-curricular activities. Many people make interesting, life-changing videos just sitting in the car at the jam. Make a balance in working and living, which will help you to stay in Dhaka more effectively.

To work in Dhaka City, you can always consider renting a car, even tho you will have a lot of trouble driving in the area. I would recommend renting a scooter.

Is Dhaka crowded?

Dhaka is extremely crowded because it is the most populated city in Bangladesh, with a growth rate of 3.50%. Most people come from urban areas in search of work and settlement. The city is very crowded almost everywhere, from markets to bus stands.

Places like Firmgate, Mirpur, Badda are where you’ll be able to see the roadside shops, street food court, etc.

You’ll find everything in this city from what you can find at the different places in this country. If you don’t see it here, it’s pretty sure that you won’t find it anywhere outside Dhaka. Supermarkets like Jamuna future park, Basundhara Shopping Complex will give you the test of entertainment on several occasions.

The best would be to book accommodations or get a hotel room in places close to you where you work in Dhaka City. This way, you won’t need to drive a lot.

is dhaka city crowded
This picture from Niloy Biswas shows you what to expect in Dhaka City

Is Dhaka safe?

Dhaka can be dangerous at night because many people have no place to sleep, leading to robbery and aggression. Dhaka is also unsafe for your health as the city is polluted.

Now, the safety issue is the most rising problem in the days of living in Dhaka. Because of maintaining a population below the poverty line, many people have no place to sleep in this big city. You can see on roadsides at night that many people are sleeping on the walkway, bridge, and basti.

In this city of magic, you can fall into several social problems without any further announcement.  You are not concerned about your things and lifestyles than robbery, Pickpocketing, and several other issues you could face. With emergency helpline 999, you will get police, fire, and ambulance service instantly through phone calls.

Tips to enjoy living in Dhaka.

We have one or two days in a week as holidays, a break to get charged for a new boost. But the saddest thing during these two holidays is the massive traffic jam and crowdedness. You have to be a b+it strategic to enjoy living in Dhaka. Let’s see some tips and hacks below,

Make local friends at the workplace

Friends are the most powerful things at your place. Now the most trusted place in this magic city is your workplace. Meet your colleagues and make friends who will help you to get free from nervousness. You can hang out with them and experience the introduction with real Dhaka.

People in Dhaka are very polite and the nicest ones with those you’ve ever met. If you are lucky, you will get the opportunity to get close to a friend’s family. They’ll invite you to their family event, which will be the most memorable part of those you’ll experience in Dhaka. Remember, Dhaka city is best while you’re with a group of friends.

Experience Traditional Foods

Dhaka is famous for its delicious foods and juices. Enjoy street foods like fuchka, vapa pitha- sweet snacks, fried foods, Malai tea, Halim, fruit juice, etc., simply while you’re going out for a walk. Along with these snack-type foods, you can enjoy Kabab with luci, which will make your belly full.

At old Dhaka, you’ll enjoy the historical traditional foods and recipes throughout the city. Everyone must visit the old Dhaka only to test the biriani. If you go to that place and miss the test of biriani, you’ve cut off from almost half of this food culture. Other most popular dishes are sweetmeats, Bakorkhnani, Sahi Jilapi, Borhani, etc.

Attend fairs and local festivals

Dhaka is the place where most of the festivals and fairs take place. Bangladesh’s social and religious festivals are enormous, and each one brings more entertainment to the people. The most famous festival is the first day of the Bangla calendar- Pahela Baishakh, and 26th March as the independence day of Bangladesh.

Including religious festivals like Eid and Puja, several trade fairs take place all over Dhaka. The national book fair is one of the most exciting places for book lovers. Attending these festivals will make you realize the real fun and enjoyment in Dhaka.

 Explore the Dhaka Megacity

Dhaka has a historical background that was more prosperous and valuable. If you are willing to evaluate historical buildings, visiting the Dhaka university campus is a must. Make a list of these best places you’ll see, including Ahsan manzil, Lalbagh fort, shahid minar, Bangladesh National Museum, Shilpakala Academy, and many more.

Dhaka- The City of Magic

People call Dhaka the city of mosques, and you’ll recognize it after you see the central one- Baitul Mukarram. This city has magical nature and visuals day and night. Half of life in this city won’t sleep at night to make money. People from the village area come to this megacity to manage their food and living.

Including the threats and suspense, you’ll enjoy a mixed enjoyment into this whole city. I hope that you know have everything to know if you should work in Dhaka City or not. If you want to work in Dhaka City, you can check flight prices from different cities below.

This article was written by Tanjid Jisan, who works in Dhaka City, who knows better than anyone else what to expect when working in Dhaka City.

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