Why is Texas so cheap?

Texas is a very cheap state for 3 reasons: because it is a no-income-tax state, because the cost of living is very low, and because the houses are cheaper. The property tax is a bit higher than in other states, but those 3 reasons make it very affordable to live in Texas.

So more and more people are attracted to Texas for moving at a lower cost of living. If you are thinking about moving, for example to Austin, then check this information for a stress-free move.

Why are houses cheaper in Texas?

There is a vast amount of buildable land in Texas, making the houses much cheaper than in other states. Combined with the low cost of living in Texas, this makes houses more affordable in Texas. Renting a house is also cheaper in Texas for the same reasons.

Why is the cost of living lower in Texas?

The cost of living in Texas is lower because consumer prices, rent prices, restaurant prices, and grocery prices are all more than 30% lower in Houston than in New York for instance. Basically, a meal in Mcdonald’s costs $1 less in Texas than in New York. This is the kind of price difference that you can expect on almost every product.

Is it worth living in Texas?

Living in Texas is cheap, making it a worthwhile place to live for your wallet. But living in Texas can be difficult if you don’t like bugs or if you can’t bear warmth and humidity.

Overall, living in Texas is really a big choice because this state is different than the others on many points. For instance, Texas is a no-income-tax state, just like Nevada where there is Las Vegas, meaning that you will save money on the income tax, but you will lose money on other taxes. This means that you should do additional research according to your finances to know whether the difference is huge or not. To have an order of idea, living in Texas is around 50% cheaper than living in New York.

If you consider moving to Texas, you can check three different things:

Know that you know Texas is worth living for your wallet, the next question is which city to choose. Should you live in Austin or in Houston? In The Woodlands or in Killeen? This is the next question that I will answer.

Where should you live in Texas?

Here is the top 10 cities where you should live in Texas:

  1. Austin
  2. Dallas-Fort Worth
  3. Corpus Christi
  4. Houston
  5. The Woodlands
  6. Beaumont
  7. Killeen
  8. San Antonio
  9. El Paso
  10. Brownsville

Those cities are great places to live when it comes to average household income, amenities, and safety. We will discuss Houston later in the article because it is my personal choice.

Now which city yo choose in the list? This depends on your way of living. If you are working in tech and finance, then Dallas is a perfect choice. If you also like activities, you should choose the biggest cities on the list. That means that you should avoid Killeen, Beaumont, or Brownsville. Once again, the best is that you do your own additional research according to your way of living.

Where should you not live in Texas?

Here are 10 places where you should not live in Texas.

  1. South Boulevard Park Row
  2. Cedar Crest
  3. Convention Center District
  4. Lubbock
  5. Paris
  6. Corsicana
  7. Robstown
  8. Center
  9. Vidor
  10. Freeport

Those places are either dangerous, don’t have jobs, or are inactive. For instance, South Boulevard Park Row is considered a dangerous neighborhood by the inhabitants of Dallas, just like Cedar Crest, and Convention Center District. Other places, like Robstown, Vidor, and Center, have a very high unemployment rate. Finally, Freeport is vulnerable to lots of violent storms during the hurricane season.

Is Texas a good place to live even if it is cheap?

The big cities of Texas are great places to live when it comes to employment and schooling. However, some neighborhoods in those cities are considered dangerous, making those places good to avoid. Overall, Texas is a unique state with its own rules and it’s a great experience to live here.

Why is Houston, Texas so cheap?

Houston is cheap because it is located in Texas, a no-income-tax state, and because the cost of living is overall cheaper. For instance, grocery prices are 42% lower in Houston than in New York. Overall, living in New York costs almost twice as much as living in Houston.

Houston is the biggest city in Texas. It is bigger than Dallas and Austin, and it is also cheaper than those two cities. Compared to New York, you can get much better deals in Houston. For instance, when it comes to renting, the difference is very impressive. This is what you can see in the following video.

This video is a price comparison of two rents in both New York and Houston. Credits to BuzzFeedVideo

As you can see in the video, you can get way more for the same price in Houston than in New York. But does this mean that you should directly move there? Well, this is what we are going to see now.

Should I move to cheap Houston, Texas?

There are things you should know before you move to Houston. Houston is a cheap city in the United States but it has some cons. There is a lot of traffic and the weather is very unpredictable all year long.

In fact, there are lots more reasons not to move to Houston. For instance, the internet costs are very high ($30 per month), the weather is very hot and humid, there are lots of bugs like mosquitoes, wasps, and snakes, the property taxes are high, the city is very spread out and growing, and the public transportation is not the best one.

Basically, you should know that the cheapness of life here has drawbacks. For example, if you know that you can’t bear humidity and warmth, then you should not even consider moving here.

white high-rise buildings in cheap houston
This is what Downtown, Houston looks like. Credits to Vlad Busuioc

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