Where to buy jade in Myanmar?

Myanmar is the biggest jade supplier in the world. The mining industry is developed and jade from Myanmar is sold everywhere in Asia. As a jade buyer, you should know where is the best place to buy jade in Myanmar, and also what it involves buying jade here. So, where to buy jade in Myanmar?

Mandalay Jade Market is the best place to buy jade in Myanmar. It is located close to the jade mines, meaning that the majority of the stones are real jade. However, most of them are sold illegally, so you should always ask an expert his opinion before buying jade in this market.

Can you buy jade in Yangon?

When visiting Myanmar, Yangon will most likely be the place where you will land. This is the largest city in Myanmar, and it is a great town to visit. But is it safe to buy jade here? Can you buy jade in Yangon?

People can buy jade in Yangon. Places like Bogyoke Aung San Market have jewelry shops and sell jade. But keep in mind that the further you go from the source, the more expensive the jade will be. The chances that a seller rip you off also increase. Once again, an expert opinion is necessary before any purchase.

If you are traveling to Myanmar and you want to buy jade and bring it back to your home country, you should also learn about the laws and taxes on important precious stones. You should also buy jade in the best place, Mandalay, to make sure it is quality. Basically, if the goal of your trip to Myanmar is to buy jade, you should put yourself in the best conditions possible.

bowl of jade to buy in myanmar
A bowl containing some jade gemstones. Credits to Steve Johnson

Where does jade come from in Myanmar?

Jade buyers always want to be sure that what they are buying is authentic jade. Indeed, when you pay such prices for stones, you want to be sure that you are being fooled. A good way to make sure you are buying real jade would be to directly buy it from the source. So, where does jade come from in Myanmar?

The mining town of Hpakant is where most of the jade comes from. Hpakant is the biggest jade mining town in Myanmar. Here, jade scavengers risk their lives to find jade. It is located in the North of Myanmar, close to the Chinese border, where lots of officials and unofficial trade happens.

Is jade expensive in Myanmar?

Now that you know everything about the location, you should know more about the price range to expect. Indeed, jade is a very rare gem that you do not see every day, and its price can vary a lot. It is interesting to know beforehand what to expect in Myanmar. So, is jade expensive in Myanmar?

Jade is one of the most expensive stones in the world. Imperial Burma Jade, coming from Myanmar, is the most expensive type of jade. This is due to its rarity and to the increasing demand. Jade will probably get even more expensive in the future.

How much does jade cost in Myanmar?

Of course, jade is expensive due to its rarity and the demand, but when it comes to the price, what can you expect? We saw two different places where you could buy jade before: Mandalay jade market and Yangon. What prices can you expect there? How much does jade cost in Myanmar?

Jade can cost up to $2,000 per ounce in Myanmar. In the Mandalay jade market, you can find even cheaper prices, starting at $5, especially when jade is sold illegally. But this could affect the quality of the gem. In Yangon, you will not find such low prices.

What is the human cost behind jade excavation?

Just like for every gemstone in the world, it first needs to be excavated. This part of the job is never the one you want to see. It is usually excavated in poor conditions. Jade in Myanmar does not make the difference. The scavengers work in poor condition, risking their lives for jade. The best is that you watch the following documentary. It will show you the other side of the jade market.

Credits to Al Jazeera English

Other travel ideas for jade in Asia

Myanmar is not the only place where you will find jade. Indeed, China is also known for its jade. The countries around Burma also sell jade. For example, Thailand has its own jade markets. Once again, if the goal of your trip to Myanmar is only to buy jade, you should also consider other options in the back of your mind.

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