One of the Scottish Natural Wonders

Nature creates pieces of art we admire every day. From the details we can see on a tree trunk to the shooting stars, there are always things that inspire us. The Natural Wonders (NW) blog posts will showcase those mysterious and amazing nature’s creations. The first episode will be about the Old Man of Storr, a rock formation on the isle of Skye in Scottland. What makes this place special is also the fact that there are tons of histories behind this natural wonder. Keep reading to learn about the Old Man of Storr legend.

sharp rock formation in scotland
The Old Man of Storr is the tallest rock standing on the picture. Picture from Atlas Obscura

Let’s be real: going to the Old Man of Storr is not something everyone thinks about doing. Indeed, why would you go to a remote island in Scotland just to see a standing rock? Okay, it’s 55 meters high and it’s impressive, but if you are not into rocks, and you do not care about geology, it can be a bit disappointing. However, there are arguments which will convince you. It’s not because of the rock itself that you should come, but because of the atmosphere around it.

The Old Man of Storr legend

Scotland is rainy and windy, I hope I did not teach you anything here (and you will see it in the video down below). On the other hand, if you can get over the fact of getting wet, Scotland is amazing. The atmosphere you can feel in those wild landscapes during the hike is incredible. Also, just like lots of places in Scotland, the isle of Skye is full of legends. Following some beliefs, the Old Man of Storr was a giant who resided on the Trotternish Ridge. When he died, his thumb remained partially above ground, which formed the 55 meter-high rock. Could you imagine if, under the island, lays the body of a giant? Following other beliefs, it’s the form of the rock which gave him this name. Indeed, with enough imagination, you can imagine an old man in the rock’s profile.

Palai Crew brings you to the Old Man of Storr on a typical scottish day!

Where to land to see the Old Man of Storr

Choosing where to land is always a difficult question. Depending on what you want to visit, where you can stay, whether you want to include this destination inside a road trip, the choice will be different. Here, landing in Glasgow or Edinburgh is the simplest option. Indeed, Scotland does not have international airports in the Highlands. You will have to drive a little bit wherever you decide to land. Why not using this bad airport location as an opportunity to do your Scottish road trip?

What we can learn from nature

Contemplating nature’s creations is a hobby for me. Whether it’s the pouring rain which carved this stone or whether there is really a giant sleeping under the isle of Skye, it does not really matter. Everyone can grow watching nature. It helps us to step back and realize who we are. Nature vehiculates emotions that go beyond simple admiration. When it gets spiritual, it’s always for the best. Scotland landscapes are world-class to add this mystic touch to the world. You can check the article about Ben Nevis, to know more about the United Kingdom’s highest peak.

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