Is Nairobi National Park Worth Visiting?

This article was written by Brian Joseph, who lives next to Nairobi National Park and knows whether it’s worth visiting or not.

Welcome to Nairobi. East Africa’s most cosmopolitan and adored city, Kenya’s heartbeat, the green City under the sun, and a place of calm waters. Loved for its exciting and mind-boggling tourist attractions, this Kenyan capital is the ultimate safari capital of Africa, if not the whole world.

 It is the only Capital City in the whole world that harbors a National Park. 4.3 Miles South of the capital is the Nairobi National Park. This 117 sq. kilometers area is home to thousands of wild animals, endangered species, and different plant species. The spectacular view of the animals in the Park from city skyscrapers, nearby hotel rooms, or airplanes landing at the adjacent airport is one worthy experience for any ardent tourist or wildlife lover.

However, the question that lingers in most potential tourists is whether Nairobi National Park is worth visiting or is it just a mere jungle uniquely standing out for its proximity to a nation’s capital. Well, this article draws the lines and brings into perspective this whole discussion.

Is Nairobi National Park Worth Visiting?

Nairobi National Park is definitely worth visiting for any tourist coming to Nairobi because the park is located inside the city area. This means that you do not need to make a detour to visit the park. Also, the cost to enter the park is relatively low.

The one major outstanding thing about Nairobi National Park is its ideal location. 90% of visitors and tourists come into Kenya through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the country’s main International Airport. As such, most of these visitors book hotel rooms within the City. As a tourist, with the Park being within the City, be assured of quickly accessing the Park. A cost of less than $20 Nairobi National park is a taxi or Uber away for any tourist residing within the City Metropolis.

What to expect when visiting Nairobi National Park?

Nature has its way of bringing a tranquil experience to anybody setting out for a vacation and holiday. Any safari destination in the world boasts of its wildlife, and Nairobi National park is no exception. Here, meeting the world’s Big Five is a norm. Endangered species such as the black rhinos don’t feel endangered anymore. The king of the jungle is always roaming freely, searching for subordinates, and always ready to attack and feast. Giraffes slowly loop and gallop from one shrub to another as Hyenas are always on the hunt for carcasses. To summarize, the Park is home to nearly all the animals you would wish to see in any Park.

Lion lovers should be in the Park as early as 7 A.M. As the sun continues to heat the ground below, most of them retract back into their natural habitats, making it difficult for any tourist to have a good view of them, especially past midday.

lioness lying on ground in worth nairobi national park
A lioness lying on the ground in Nairobi National Park. Credits to Wanyoike Mbugua

This Park has several tour guides with tour vans that are always on standby to help explore the vast 117 sq. kilometers area. Nonetheless, any visitor with a private vehicle or tour vans is always allowed to access the Park as long as you uphold the laid security protocols.

How much does it cost to visit Nairobi National Park?

It costs $45 to visit Nairobi National Park for adults, while children below 18 years pay $25 for a day-long lifetime experience. However, the price is lower when you chose to visit the Park with the easily available tour companies.

Of course, the experience is also enjoyable when you decide to visit alone. Several hotels surround the Park, and tourists can enjoy a sizzling view at the comfort of their hotel room balconies.

For any photogenic tourist, the Nairobi National Park is your ideal destination. The park management allows visitors to take countless photos while enjoying the safari nature tour. Such beautiful snaps are always seasoned by the beautiful Skyscrapers of Nairobi in the background. The Nairobi National Park has beautiful spots that you can host your lavish wedding or birthday parties. At an extra fee on top of the entrance fee, any visitor is allowed to hold a party in the Park’s safe areas while the animals spectate and cheer you behind the barbed perimeter line. Attendees of these ceremonies can then enjoy a free visit to the Park.

Drawbacks in the park

The Parks natural galore is not short of drawbacks. The biggest concern is tourists can’t see most animals during extreme cold and hot seasons. Most animals in such tropical Parks enjoy roaming in the sun. Any cold seasons send them into hiding for unknown durations. During June and July, the temperatures of Nairobi drop to as low as 8 degrees Celsius. Such climate is always unfavorable for a majority of the animals, leading to their hibernation.

Also, during sweltering months, visitors can only have a better view of animals during the morning hours. When temperatures surge during the day, the animals tend to hide until darkness hours.

A major drawback was the decision by the Kenyan government to build an overpass railway line through the Park. In as much as the overpass stretch of the 6km railway line doesn’t interfere with the natural setting of the Park, it brings with it noise when the trains roar past the Park.

So if you want to visit other places in Africa instead of Nairobi National Park because it turns out you don’t find it worth it, you should consider visiting Kilimanjaro or also Zanzibar.

Safety Measures in Nairoby National Park

Nairobi, just like other tropical countries, has a higher malaria infection rate. Any tourist looking forward to going to Nairobi National Park should consider taking malaria vaccines before the journey.

While inside the Park, visitors cannot visit the Park without travel vans or private vehicles. This measure aims at safeguarding them from the dangerous carnivorous that largely occupy the Park. Besides, tours beyond 6 P.M are not allowed as all visitors should sign out by 6 in the evening. Feeding animals is also prohibited, as is taking photographs in areas deemed insecure.

I finish this article with my personal views of the Park. Nairobi National Park is your ideal destination for any tourist who wants to enjoy nature within a City Metropolis. The several animals in the Park bring with it a view like no other. The icing on the already sweet cake is the warm air that blows in the Park most of the year. If you are thinking of any destination, think of Nairobi National Park.

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