Madeira Island – Discover the most hidden landscape of Portugal

What can Madeira offer you

Madeira is probably the most underrated Natural Wonder I wrote about for now. Indeed, people usually hear about Antelope Canyon or the Old Man of Storr, but they do not know about Madeira island.

Located off the northwest coast of Africa, Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal. It is an archipelago comprising 4 islands. You may have heard about it thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo, who was born here. He actually tweeted about Madeira yesterday (05/05/2020).

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Tweet about Madeira Island

But Madeira has way more to offer than one of the best football players of all time. It is known for its wine and its subtropical climate. The main island of Madeira is volcanic, green and rugged, with high cliffs, pebbly beaches.

houses close to a sharp cliff in madeira
Villages are built very close to the sea. The cliffs are slowly eroding, which is an issue for some inhabitants. Picture from Daniel on his Instagram @skeye_photo.

What to see in Madeira

Cabo Girão

Cabo Girão is one of the best lookout points of the island. In order to start your Madeira’s adventure, it could be a great idea to head to Cabo Girão. Indeed, a lot of hikes inside the island begin at this point. It is close to Funchal, where you will land. It is a good idea to start your Madeira adventure here. Then, after visiting the capital, head to the next point.

viewpoint of sharp cliff in madeira
The view from Cabo Girão is a good starting point to visit Madeira. Picture from Reiseuhu.

Pico Ruivo

Pico Ruivo is the highest point of the island, culminating at 1,862 meters. Accessing it not that easy. The hike is strenuous and may make you sweat if it’s warm. You will need some good hiking gear, especially a good pair of shoes. There are two different ways to access Pico Ruivo. From the South, it’s the hardest hike. From the East, it is a little easier. If you are not into hiking but you still want to enjoy the view, choose the Eath path. Once you are on top of Madeira, the view is incredible, check it with the picture down below.

aerial photography of a summit in madeira
Pico Ruivo will be the climax of your Madeira story. It is not easy to reach it. Picture from Reiseuhu.

Madeira’s coasts: renting a boat in Madeira

As I have said before, this island has a lot to offer. This is not only true for lands, but it is also true for the coasts. The seashore, the creeks, the cliffs, everything is sharp and defined, which creates an amazing landscape. From the sea, you will access some of the best secrets of Madeira. Renting a boat in Funchal is a good idea. If you do so, you may see some places like in the next picture.

aerial photography of a sharp seashore
The coasts are defined and create amazing forms. Picture from Daniel on his Instagram @skeye_photo.

Madeira’s water is not the warmest in the world, but it is still okay to have a little swim. The temperature stays between 15 and 25°C during the year, summer being the warmest season to swim. If you choose to rent a boat, it’s great to sometimes cool down because it can get warm. The Atlantic Ocean allows you to do that. However, you should be careful about rocks and waves, the Atlantic Ocean is not the calmest in the world. On the land, the weather is enjoyable every month of the year, as you can see in those statistics below.

temperatures every month in madeira
Madeira’s weather is enjoyable every month of the year.

More content about Madeira

If you want to see more about this place, I recommend that you check this video from Lukasz Z. He made a good job to capture the top places of the island and group them in one single video.

Some incredible shots of Madeira’s nature. Video from Lukasz Z

Travel responsibly

I enjoy finishing my articles with eco-tourism advice. I did it for the Adirondacks Hikes, Antelope Canyon, the Uluru History, the Death Valley Travel Guide, La Salar de Uyuni Tour, and the Cathedrals Beach. Indeed, such places must be preserved. Just like Menorca, this place is known for its eco-friendliness. This value is important for the locals. We should respect it.


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