Iguazu Falls Helicopter Tours: The Best Way to Visit This Place

Iguazu Falls are a special place in Latin America because they are waterfalls right at the border between Brazil and Argentina. It is also interesting to mention that Paraguay is also very close to Iguazu Falls. Considering the fact that Iguazu Falls are surrounded by a big rainforest, it is a wise idea to choose the air to visit Iguazu Falls, and it is exactly what this article is about. So, why are helicopter tours the best way to visit Iguazu Falls?

Helicopter tours are the best way to visit Iguazu Falls because they give a bird’s eye view of the waterfalls from any departing country. people can book helicopter rides from Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. The prices of helicopter tours cost around $100 for one person for one minute.

If you want to see what a helicopter tour looks like, check the following video!

In this video, you can see Iguazu Falls from the air. This helicopter tour lasts around 15 minutes. The creator also gives interesting pieces of information during the video. Credits to Zachary Burr Abel

What are the things to do in Iguazu Falls, except for helicopter tours?

Since Iguazu Falls are a tourist place, there are many activities in the area. Of course, we already mentioned the first one: helicopter tours. But there are also other things to do in Iguazu. Here is a list of things to do in Iguazu Falls:

  • Book a boat tour
  • Spend a night in Belmond Hotel das Cataratas
  • Camp in the area
  • Hike the trails
  • See the wildlife

Boat tours

The first activity you can do in the area is to buy a ticket for a boat ride around Iguazu Falls. It is a great way to visit the surroundings. The prices of those excursions can vary from the side you book it.

On the Argentina side, there are boat tours around Iguazu Falls and in the jungle. On the Brazilian side, you cannot get to the jungle, which is less expensive. You should bring a swimming suit with you when taking a boat tour because the water is rough in the area.

The Great Adventure, organized by Iguazu Jungle, is a great way to enjoy both the jungle and the waterfalls. This tour costs $4000 Argentine Pesos per person (or $48).


If you plan on staying more than one day, which something you can do to take your time, you have two options: either staying at a hotel or camping. The first option is more expensive, but it is the one which will able you the most to be in the middle of nature.

Indeed, there is a great hotel located just next to the falls: it is the Belmond Hotel das Cataratas and it is located on the Brazilian side. This hotel offers an incredible view to its guests. It is also a great way to have restaurants (there are not many in the area)

This is the dream type of Iguazu Falls vacation because you can enjoy the waterfalls from your room. However, it is a relatively expensive experience. It will cost you around $300 to book a room for a night.

Can you camp at Iguazu Falls?

If you choose the second option, camping, there are some things you should know to prepare for your trip accordingly. First, can you camp at Iguazu Falls?

Camping is allowed at Iguazu Falls in a special camping area. This place is located outside the park, half a kilometer away on the Argentina side.

This type of vacation is less expensive but can be very interesting because the wildlife around Iguazu Falls is extremely rich. We will discuss that later.

Can you swim in Iguazu Falls?

Another activity to consider is swimming. Of course, it would be dumb to swim right in the middle of the waterfalls, but are there options to swim around? Can you swim in Iguazu Falls?

There is only one waterfall where you can swim. To get there, you need to walk 3.5 kilometers on the Macuco trail. The latter leads to a smaller waterfall where you can swim. However, the river brings all types of fish and reptiles. Keep in mind that swimming is not recommended.

When you see the Devil’s Throat, you straight away understand why swimming is forbidden. It’s not because you saw a rainbow during your helicopter ride that Iguazu Falls is a safe sight to swim. Also, the Upper Circuit won’t bring you to a place where you can swim.


Iguazu Falls are not only known for their falls. Of course, tourists head there to see the falls first, but they are also usually surprised by the variety in the wildlife: there are tons of species in the area!

In Iguazu Falls, you can see butterflies, birds, coatis (which is a type of raccoons) in the rainforest.

So don’t wait and get your ticket! To enter the park, you will need to pay the entrance fee. The entrance fee in Iguazu Falls is $800 Argentine Pesos on the Argentina side and $70 Brazilian Reals on the Brazil side, which is exactly the same amount in USD: $18.

The following picture shows you the kind of views you can get for that price! You can even see the rainbow which usually appears thanks to water splashes.

people walking on bridge near iguazu falls
The bridge over Iguazu Falls where tourists take pictures. Credits to Sasha Lantukh

Can you get to Iguazu Falls from Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and São Paulo by helicopter?

Since helicopter is the best way to visit Iguazu Falls, is it wise to ask yourself whether you can get from big Rio de Janerio, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls by helicopter?

It is impossible to get from Rio de Janerio, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls by helicopter. With a helicopter flying at top speed (around 260 km/h), it would take around 6 hours to get from Rio to Iguazu Falls by helicopter, which is extremely expensive.

Can you fly to Iguazu Falls?

Since the helicopter is not an option, maybe flying is a good one. But is there an airport next to Iguazu Falls? Can you fly to Iguazu Falls?

Flying to Iguazu Falls is possible. Landing in Foz do Iguaçu International Airport is the best option. Foz do Iguaçu International Airport is the nearest airport to Iguazu Falls. Its airport code is IGU. There are non-stop flights regularly.

In the following table, you can see the distances between the listed cities and Iguazu Falls and the time it takes to get here by plane.

CityDistance (kilometers)Time by plane (hours)
Rio de Janeiro1,500 kilometers2 hours
São Paulo1,000 kilometers1 hour 30 minutes
Buenos Aires1,300 kilometers1 hour 50 minutes
Table summarizing the distance between several cities and Iguazu Falls and also indicating the time it takes to get from this city to Iguazu Falls by plane.

This means that flying is your best shot to get to Iguazu Falls. You could even do a day trip from Rio de Janerio, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires and visit the area quickly. Indeed, visiting Iguazu Falls does not take a long time, especially if you choose to only see one side.

Can you cross the border in Iguazu Falls?

Iguazu Falls are both in Argentina and Brazil. This means that the border is right in the middle of the water. But can you cross the border in Iguazu Falls?

You can cross the border between Argentina and Brazil in Iguazu Falls thanks to a road located 10 kilometers west of Iguazu Falls. You will need to go through the classic security checks.

Can you see Iguazu Falls from Paraguay?

Some people mention that Iguazu Falls do not only separate two countries, they say that Iguazu Falls separate Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. Well, it is true that Paraguay is really close to Iguazu Falls, but it is not that close! So, can you see Iguazu Falls from Paraguay?

You cannot see Iguazu Falls from Paraguay because the border between Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay is located 20 kilometers away from the falls. However, you can definitely visit Iguazu Falls from Paraguay. You will need to get either on Argentina or Brazil side to do so.

All the facts you need to know before booking helicopter tours in Iguazu Falls

Now you probably have a better idea of how this place works, and how you should plan your trip to enjoy your stay. But still, there are more things you need to know. Those things are more about general knowledge, you can totally travel to Iguazu Falls without knowing about them. But for your curiosity, it is still interesting.

Is Iguazu Falls the biggest waterfall in the world?

As you may have seen in the previous pictures, Iguazu Falls are huge. The number of drops is incredibly high just like the number of falls. In fact, there are around 275 waterfalls in Iguazu Falls. Does that make it the largest waterfall in the world? Is Iguazu Falls the biggest waterfall in the world?

In terms of height and width, Iguazu Falls do not win the worldwide award. However, Iguazu Falls are the largest waterfalls in the world. The 275 falls add up greatly, making it larger than Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls and Angels Falls.

If there were to be a battle between waterfalls, Iguazu Falls would win vs Niagara Falls (2 times taller and 3 times wider compared to Niagara Falls) and Angels Falls (way larger). However, Iguazu Falls would lose vs Victoria Falls in terms of height.

Is Iguazu Falls a natural wonder?

Often considered as a wonder of the world, Iguazu Falls was even named in the New 7 Wonders of Nature list back in 2011. And for good reasons! Those falls are incredible. Iguazu Falls is a natural wonder because it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The national park of Iguazu Falls is known for its falls and its wildlife.

Just like for Yosemite Valley, Uluru, Grand Canyon, Ha Long Bay, and a ton of other places, UNESCO chose to reward Iguazu Falls for its beauty.

Are Iguazu Falls drying out?

In April 2020, the flow in Iguazu Falls was 5 times lower than the one in April 2013. However, saying that Iguazu Falls are drying out is a bit of an extrapolation. So, are Iguazu Falls drying out?

It is impossible to say if Iguazu Falls are drying out for now. All scientists can say is that there has been a drought in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. It rained less during the season, leading some waterfalls to dry. Those dried up falls had no water flowing, but the issue is now solved.

Everyone is aware of the environmental issues occurring in the world. Those issues affect the whole planet and we should make sure to travel responsibly to avoid destroying the wonders of nature.

How was Iguazu Falls formed?

A little point on the history of this wonder of nature. Is Iguazu Falls man-made? How was Iguazu Falls formed?

Iguazu Falls was formed thanks to volcanism, which means that Iguazu Falls is not man-made.

More facts about Iguazu Falls

A lot of movies and documentaries and movies were shot around Iguazu Falls. The more recent one is Black Panther. But if we go back in the years, we can also name Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, James Bond, and other documentaries.

If you want more facts about this place, watch the following video!

Credits to BunnikTours

I hope that this article was helpful. To summarize, let’s answer two questions: why should you visit Iguazu Falls?

People should visit Iguazu Falls because they are a wonder of nature where you can experience boat tours, helicopter tours, great views, and hikes.

Why is Iguazu Falls famous? Iguazu Falls is famous because it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and because it is the largest waterfall on Earth.

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