Ha Long Bay cruises: The dream for every visitor

Ha Long Bay cruises: Let’s learn about another UNESCO World Heritage Site! After the Yosemite Valley, we head to Vietnam. Ha Long Bay is one of the most famous landscapes of Asia, and for good reasons. This place will blow your mind.

local asian boat facing halong bay
The Ha Long Bay, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Visiting Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay became famous thanks to the movie Indochine with Catherine Deneuve. There, more than 2,000 islands emerge from the water with different shapes. Considering the time and light, the landscape keeps changing, making the atmosphere a bit strange, but mostly magical.

From what I read and saw, you can enjoy this place in different ways: by the water and by the land. For the first way, you can either take canoes or boats. There are lots of cruises leaving from the city and offering great tours for affordable prices. They will guide you to the best spots of the bay and give you explanations. On the other hand, if you want to be free about your movements in the water, you can also rent canoes. This option will engage your muscles a bit more, but it will make the experience more unique.

I think that what I would start with a cruise, to see the bay in general and then rent a canoe to come back to the places I enjoyed from the boat.

On the land, there are several hikes you can do. Since I love hiking, I would for sure be part of one of them. I saw that there were several caves inside those mountains. Walking inside them is probably an unforgettable moment.

Even better from upper

We said that there were two ways to enjoy the bay, but, in my opinion, this is not exactly true. Indeed, now that drones can shoot incredible pictures and videos, there is a third way to enjoy the bay: by the air. The bay has so much more depth in it once you look it from upper. It is really “better from upper”. To convince you about my sayings, I added a drone aerials video just below.

Check out Bosch Voyage drone shots of Ha long bay

Ha Long Bay cruises are a good way to visit Halong Bay

Traveling the bay with a traditional junk makes the trip even more charming. Crisscrossing between the sugar loaves with your junk is something you cannot do everywhere in the world. You can stop anytime you want to visit the caves.

Where to land?

Choosing where to land is always a difficult question. Depending on what you want to visit, where you can stay, whether you want to include this destination inside a road trip, the choice will be different. Here, landing in Hanoi is the simplest option, even if you want to do a road trip around all of Vietnam.

See you somewhere in the world.

sugar loaves on the flat blue sea
A last view of the Ha Long bay, where you can see how large the area is

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