My name is Guillaume Borde. I am 20 years old and I study engineering in Lyon. I have tons of hobbies like playing the piano, playing football, hanging out with friends, but there is one which overcomes all the others: exploring. Traveling helps to step back and realize the chance we have to live in our amazing world. I will do my best to share with you my vision of the world.

My history

guillaume borde at pen hir point
That’s me! At Pen Hir Point in the West of France back in Summer 2017.

I always enjoyed traveling. That passion started first with my parents all around France. It continued in close European countries once again with my parents. I traveled all around France with my parents. But the passion took another dimension when I started traveling with my friends.

Traveling with friends brought a sense of freedom I never experienced before.

Some of my friends live in various parts of France, which makes me discover even more places. This is the case on the West Coast, near Bordeaux, where the following picture was taken.

guillaume borde fishing
Fishing in Arcachon Bay back in Summer 2018

But the area where I have the most fun is abroad. Leaving France and reading other languages is something I sincerely enjoy. Hence, when I joined ESTIEM back in September 2019, I was living my best life.

ESTIEM is an association to visit different places in Europe. Thanks to ESTIEM, I traveled in Hungary, in Ukrain, and in Russia. Those are part of the richest experiences of my life.

I had to share the lessons I learned abroad, and this is exactly what I do on this website. I hope that you will enjoy your visit!

guillaume borde in portugal
One of my last trips in Portugal in August 2020

The goal of this blog

This blog is also about growth. As mentioned before, traveling is a powerful way to learn about the world we live in. Whether it is about geology, flora, or fauna, we always have things to learn. By reading the different articles on this website, you will learn information about the places you choose to read about.

Website’s organization

This blog is geographically organized. The categories are named after the world’s continents.

  • America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia

If you want ideas to start reading, I recommend that you check either my travel guide about climbing Kilimanjaro or my travel guide about Etretat.

Website’s values

As you may have seen, I try to keep this website as minimalist as possible. It’s a core value for me. This will help you to get the most out of this website and out of everything I tell you. This value was brought to me by both my readings and the people I follow on YouTube (Matt D’Avella, minimalist YouTuber and filmmaker being my main source of inspiration about this topic)

The logo was designed accordingly to its core value: minimalism

Also, I do not encourage mass tourism. Hence, I write articles about eco-tourism and responsible travel on other friend’s websites. I do not write a lot about it here because the goal of this website is to tell you about the destinations themselves. However, if you are interested in reading more about those topics, I recommend that you read what I write on other websites.

In the future, I may allow myself to write also about eco-tourism here, but it isn’t the case for now.

See you somewhere in the world!