Guillaume Borde

Guillaume Borde is a 20 year- old engineering student in Lyon, France. He wrote around one hundred articles about traveling, digital nomadism, and various topics. He now tries his luck in his first entrepreneurship experience: growing his website.

My personal story

After a scientific high school diploma, I started studying engineering. During this curriculum, I had the chance to mix studies and travels. After joining ESTIEM, a student network in Europe, I was able to travel to Hungary, Ukraine, and Russia (I loved it!).

guillaume borde fishing
Fishing in Arcachon Bay back in Summer 2018

During the holidays, I also travel with my friends and with my family. With my friends, we look for adventure. For instance, we went hiking in Italy, in Portugal, and cycling 250 miles along a river. With my family, we were more looking for relaxing vacations such as in Menorca.

At the same time, I also started writing. I wrote mainly articles on to earn some pocket money. I also wrote short novels in French that you can find on my Payhip account (but if you can’t read French this won’t help you).

Finally, in March 2020, while I was traveling in Russia, the pandemic hit. I needed to get home very quickly before the borders close. We took a plane with my friends back to Paris, and it was lockdown.

It was the best time for me to reflect on what I learned during my latest trips. And a customer I was writing for on Writer (Yoann Bierling), told me I should create my own website to share my stories. This is what I did.

That’s why I present myself as a young travel-passionate student with a solid scientific background. My articles are here to help you. To do so, I back them up with as much data as possible.

Since 2018, I read more than one hundred books (I read one per week) and I am still reading a lot. This helps me to keep my mind open and to document my articles. I know that helping you, readers, is the key to success for this website.

My work story and its scientific background

As a kid, I loved experimenting. And curiosity never left me. This is what led me to the path of science. The engineering curriculum I am currently following is giving me good general knowledge.

Backed up with the media I consume, the books I read, and the places I visit, I can happily say that I never stop growing. I worked as an operator in a factory to see what it looks like being a worker at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Now, I work as a business developer in ETIC INSA Technologies, the Junior-Enterprise of my university. This experience helped me to network with professionals. I also give formations and help my co-workers to develop technical skills.

guillaume borde in portugal
One of my last trips to Portugal in August 2020

This is a part-time job since I also study at the same time. Once my university course will be over, I will need to choose whether I want to keep working in the entrepreneurship world or not. This will be one of the great questions of my life!

But for now, it’s all about studying, traveling, and writing! Let me know if you want to get in touch.

See you somewhere in the world!