person holding a silver compass with the carpathian mountains in the background
What to visit? This page will redirect you to the best destinations according to your wishes. Picture from Anastasia Petrova.

Navigating by destinations

Navigating by location is the easiest way to find answers about your next destinations. On this page, you can redirect yourself to the destination of your choice. In order to have smooth navigation, you can first choose your continent, and then the destination you want to read about. You have five choices. America is the one to view all the destinations in the U.S, Canada, and South America. Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia are the ones to read about the aforementioned continent. Those categories gather all the articles corresponding to the place of your choice.

The destinations to read about


Here, you will read about American places. Mostly about the U.S, but also about Canada and South America. If you want a good article to start, I recommend that you read about Death Valley and all its features.


Europe is not the biggest continent in the world. In fact, it’s the second-smallest after Australia. However, there are tons of lovely places to visit in Europe. Since I am personally from France, I definitely recommend that you read about French destinations. But there are also great places everywhere in Europe. A great place to start reading about Europe is with one of the most secret places in it: Menorca. Thus, I recommend that you read about Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta, which are beaches free from hotels and restaurants.


It’s safe to say that Africa is an underrated place to visit. Media do not show the best face of the second-largest continent in the world (after Asia). It is true that you should avoid some destinations in Africa (like Somalia). But you should also visit some countries like South Africa, Tanzania, or Morroco. Hence, I recommend that you read about climbing Kilimanjaro, which is a great challenge if you are a hiker.


Asia offers various landscapes. From the mountains of Himalayas to the sugar loaves of Halong Bay, you can see everything in Asia. It is also a great place to discover a new culture, which has a different relation to humankind. I recommend that you start reading about Halong Bay and the cruises you can do around it.