Is Chichen Itza Worth It?

Chichen Itza is definitely worth it if you are a history enthusiast and if you are interested in the Maya civilization. On the other hand, if you are more interested in landscapes and the monument itself, you could be frustrated because it is very crowded and because you cannot visit inside it or climb the stairs.

Let’s now dive into the details of a visit. This will help you know whether Chichen Itza is worth it or not. So we will talk about the prices to visit, how far it is from other tourist areas, the rules of this site, and conclude at the end.

How much does it cost to visit Chichen Itza?

It costs around 500 Mexican Pesos to enter Chichen Itza. Since 1 Mexican Peso costs 0,050 USD, this means that it costs $25 for a tourist to visit Chichen Itza. The prices vary a lot because of the coronavirus situation which affects tourism all around the world, so expect higher prices when you visit Chichen Itza.

In order to know exactly how much it costs to visit Chichen Itza at the moment you will visit it, the best is to directly go on the official website of Chichen Itza. On this page, we learn other pieces of information.

It costs 80 Mexican Pesos to visit Chichen Itza for a child and it is the same price for the locals. For Mexican citizens, the price is between 80 and 500 because it costs around 250 Mexican Pesos to visit Chichen Itza. So to sum up the prices, here is a table giving you the entrance fee according to the type of tourist you are.

Type of touristPrice of the entrance fee
Adult$533 MXN
Child$80 MXN
Mexican citizen$237 MXN
Local$80 MXN
This table was created in April 2021. Those prices can be subject to change in the near future

How to get to Chichen Itza?

The best is to drive to Chichen Itza. If you come from Valladolid, it is a 40 minutes drive to reach Chichen Itza. If you come from Cancun, it takes hours and a half to get to Chichen Itza. You can also take buses to get to Chichen Itza, but it will be slower.

Getting to Chichen Itza is not really easy because it is in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully, the highway is near this site, because otherwise, it would be very hard to access Chichen Itza. This still makes Chichen Itza worth visiting. Indeed, it is not as hard to get to Chichen Itza as to get to Machu Picchu or Petra in Jordan for example. So keep reading to know if there are more annoying points that would not make Chichen Itza worth visiting.

Can you climb the stairs of Chichen Itza?

It is forbidden to climb the stairs of Chichen Itza.

Just like Uluru in Australia, Chichen Itza is a sacred place for the locals. Climbing the stairs of Chichen Itza could offense the locals. Now does it make the experience less worth it? Of course, a little bit, because the view from the stairs must be great. But if you want to visit Chichen Itza, it is for its history, and for the views around. Making this mandatory helps to preserve this site.

Can you go inside Chichen Itza?

You cannot go inside Chichen Itza. It is illegal to try to go inside Chichen Itza, just like it is illegal to climb the stairs of Chichen Itza.

When should you visit Yucatan?

The months of December and May are the best moments to visit Chichen Itza because there are not a lot of tourists and because there is not a lot of rain.

There are two things to consider when it comes to the best moment to visit a place: the climate and the attendance. Indeed, some places are best to visit only during short periods of time. This is the case of Death Valley for instance which is best to visit in spring. The issue is that those kinds of places then have too many tourists during those peak periods. Thankfully, this is not Chichen Itza’s case.

The temperature in Chichen Itza is very hot all year long. The only issue tourists can encounter is rain. This is why the best thing is to avoid the months when it rains too much. The rain season in Chichen Itza starts in June and ends in October. The months of January, February, and March are great to visit Chichen Itza.

Now when it comes to tourism, if you want to be on your own without a lot of tourists around is to avoid the middle of the dry season. Since the dry season starts in December and ends in May, you can choose either the beginning or the end of the dry season to avoid tourists.

Should you visit Yucatan in winter?

Visiting Chichen Itza in winter is a wise choice because this is the dry season in Yucatan and there are not many tourists in December compared to the months of January, February, and March.

Should you visit Yucatan in summer?

Visiting Chichen Itza in summer is different than what people usually do. Indeed, there is a lot of rain during the months of July and August. However, this also means that there will be fewer tourists in the area. I would still recommend visiting Chichen Itza when it’s sunny and choosing the month of December for instance.

Is Chichen Itza overrated?

Chichen Itza is sometimes considered busy and unauthentic by tourists making it overrated. This is because the tourism industry is largely implemented here. People will sell you souvenirs and there will be lots of guided tours.

So if you are interested in history, Chichen Itza is not overrated. If you are just a tourist staying in Cancun who hesitates to visit this site, maybe it won’t be your cup of tea.

The 365 steps of the stairs of Chichen Itza. Credits to

Is Chichen Itza a must-see?

Chichen Itza is one of the seven wonders of the world and is a must-see for everyone who wants to visit every wonder of the world.

Now considering everything that was stated above, travelers are the only ones who can decide if they want to fly to Yucatan, Mexico. Hopefully, this article helped you to choose whether you wanted to visit this place or not.

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