Cathedral Beach Travel Guide

Cathedral Beach Travel Guide: How to get here?

Cathedral Beach Travel Guide: During my Galicia trip from the French Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela, I stopped several times. My favorite break was the Cathedral Beach -called As Catedrais Beach in Galician-. This seashore is located in Ribadeo and the easiest way to get here is by car. You will be able to see outstanding cliffs, arches, and caves. However, there is some practical information that you need to read before going there. Indeed, it is not possible to visit this seashore whenever you wish, keep reading to know why.

rock under arches on a beach
The arches of the Cathedral Beach. Picture from Pinterest Cathedral Beach

Cathedral Beach Travel Guide: Practical information

The tide makes the beach inaccessible during the major part of the day. You will have to plan your excursion considering the hours of the tide. You do have the time to visit all in one batch. So check the hours of the tide. During the summer period, you may need a ticket to enter. Indeed, for safety issues, the number of wanderers on the beach is limited. This is both to avoid the arches and the caves to be too crowded, but also to avoid having people being trapped by the water. Be careful, the tides can rise very fast.

During summertime, around 5000 people are allowed to visit the seashore per day. This number was calculated to protect the flora and fauna. If you choose to visit the beach in June, you will not need a ticket.

As you can see this travel guide is pretty simple: drive by car, check the hours, buy a ticket, and enjoy it. However, keep in mind that the time slots are short. Since there is not a lot of other things to do at this place, missing a time slot would probably mean missing the beach, except if you plan to sleep in Ribadeo. Also, there are a lot of other things to do in Galicia, such as Los Picos de Europa.

tourists looking at the arches of cathedral beach
Overall view of the Cathedral Beach. Picture from Tanu Lee

My impressions of the Cathedral Beach

I really enjoy walking under the arches of this beach. The rocky cliffs rising from the sandy beach make the arches look like a sacred work by a church builder. I also enjoyed the caves. The water reflections inside projected incredible colors on the walls. It’s probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. It is not a “casual” white sand seashore with palm trees, it is wilder than that, and I personally enjoy it more. The cliffs remind me of La Cala Macarella, a seashore in Menorca, even if the colors are not the same at all.

Travel responsibly

I already finished three articles with general eco-tourism information. I did it for the Uluru History, the Death Valley Travel Guide, and for La Salar de Uyuni Tour I feel like it is also important to mention it for this destination. Since the tides will take everything on the beach every time they rise, you should not throw waste, cigarettes, cans, or anything else. There are bins when you get out of the beach -by climbing some stairs- so please keep them in your hands or bag while you enjoy this wonderful place.

sharp rocks on a beach
The cliffs of the Cathedral Beach Travel Guide. Picture from Pau Casals

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