Cala Galdana – The Only Beach in Menorca With Hotels Around

Menorca is one of the best-preserved islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the rules in effect that help to keep the seashore clean. The local authorities do their best to protect the coastline from waste and “ugly” buildings. However, there is one beach in Menorca that does have hotels around: it is Cala Galdana.

Located in the Southern part of Menorca, Cala Galdana is a unique cove. Indeed, it is the only beach in Menorca with hotels around. But it is not a seaside resort like you can find in Mallorca or Ibiza. On Menorca, the few apartments are integrated harmoniously into the landscape.

Cala Galdana Hotels

In Menorca, Cala Galdana is such a special place: almost every other cove on the island is free from hotels. Tourists head to Menorca to enjoy those apartment-free coves. But here, in Cala Galdana, there are some hotels!

Those hotels were integrated into the landscape as harmoniously as possible, which makes the place really stylish. In fact, it looks like it was a goal for the architects of the hotels to create this kind of buildings. The hotels have a relatively slow number of floors. Their colors are the same as the colors of the landscape: white, green, and blue. Here is a picture I took of a hotel in Cala Galdana.

lime and white hotel with balconies
One of the hotels around Cala Galdana. Credits to me

The list of hotels in Cala Galdana

But this is not the only hotel in Cala Galdana. Here is the list of the hotels in Cala Galdana:

  • Meliá Cala Galdana
  • Galdana Gardens
  • Floramar Aparthotel
  • Apartamentos Alta Galdana
  • ARTIEM Audax
  • Apartamentos Annabels

There are also other types of accommodations in the area such as apartments and villas. But those six hotels are a good way to start your research. Here is a video from Meliá Hotels & Resorts to show you one of the hotels from the list above.

One of the hotels from the list above. Credits to Meliá Hotels & Resorts

Since there are lots of hotels around Cala Galdana, it is a good idea to take advantage of those apartments. The view you will get from your window will definitely relax you. When it comes to renting a hotel room in Cala Galdana, you should follow the next steps.

  1. Choose when you want to visit Cala Galdana
  2. Choose a hotel from the list above
  3. Call the hotel and ask him if there is room
  4. Rent the room

Now that you are ready to spend relaxing holidays in Cala Galdana, you should learn more about what to do in the area.

cala galdana beach in menorca
Cala Galdana beach with its villas on top of the cliff. Credits to me

Things to do around Cala Galdana

Cala Galdana is a relaxing cove for sure, but it is not a reason to spend your whole holidays in the area. There are ton of things to do around Cala Galdana. Here is a list of things to do around Cala Galdana:

  • Walking to Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta
  • Eating in local restaurants
  • Day Cruises
  • Shore excursions
  • Enjoy Galdana beach

First, before diving into the different things you can do in Cala Galdana, here is a quick overall video created by CheckedHolidays. It gives a bird’s-eye view of what to do in the area.

Credits to CheckedHolidays

Walking to Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta

Cala Macarella and Cala Macerelleta are very close to each other. And they are also relatively close to Cala Galdana, so you can spend a full day there. If you want to know how to access Cala Macarelleta, make sure to read the article I wrote about this topic. It will give you all the details to get there.

If you are not sure yet if you want to get to Cala Macarella, you can also read the other article I wrote about Cala Macarella, the beach without hotels around.

Eating in local restaurants

The hotel restaurants are usually easy choices to eat because you do not need to move. However, there are also great options to eat around Cala Galdana without moving a lot. For instance, you can head to Restaurante El Mirador. This is where I ate when I was in Menorca back in Summer 2019, and I have great memories of it.

Day cruises and shore excursions

Cala Galdana has tons of offers for tourists. I cannot really help you on that point because I did not join any of those activities. But I know that if you are into diving, cruises, and excursions, Cala Galdana is the place to go in Menorca.

Enjoy Galdana beach

Probably the simplest activity of the list, but still one to consider! You do not want to spend every single day doing activities because one of the best activities in Cala Galdana is simply to enjoy the wonderful landscape it offers.

What is the weather like in Cala Galdana?

If you have trouble with the first step of the step-by-step guide to book a hotel in Cala Galdana I gave you above, it may be because you are not sure about when to travel to Menorca.

To have a better idea about it, learning about the weather in Cala Galdana is a wise choice. Here is a table giving you the monthly temperature in Cala Galdana.

MonthHigh / Low(°C)Rain
January14°/7°7 days
February14°/7°6 days
March16°/8°6 days
April18°/10°6 days
May22°/13°4 days
June26°/17°1 day
July29°/20°0 days
August29°/21°2 days
September26°/19°5 days
October23°/16°7 days
November18°/11°7 days
December15°/9°8 days
Table showing the monthly weather in Cala Galdana. Source: NOAA

Basically, you can travel to Cala Galdana from May to September.

I hope this article was helpful and you now have a better idea of what it looks like spending vacations in a hotel in Cala Galdana. It is definitely a special experience because it is not the choice tourist tend to make when they travel to Menorca.

Indeed, tourists usually prefer renting a villa in Menorca in order to spend calm holidays without anyone around. This is also an option to consider.

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