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Bali Tour: Bali is probably in the top 3 islands in the world. It has everything: beaches, forests, culture. Heading there is an adventure and a great way to connect with the local people in order to get to know other mindsets. Here is how to visit Bali.

Where to sleep in Bali?

Now that you know where to land, you have to know where to sleep. In Bali, hotels and villas are the two most common places to sleep. If you plan to stay a few nights, hotels work very well and will usually have breakfast options.

When you finally land in Denpasar, I recommend that you sleep in Kuta. The beach is incredible and the hotels are luxurious. However, if you prefer a villa or a more traditional place to sleep, you can head to Ubud. This can be a good choice, especially if you want to visit the rice terraces the next day. Keep in mind that choosing a location in the middle of the places you want to visit will make you win transportation time.

Top 5 things to see during your Bali tour

We mentioned it in the introduction: Bali has got everything, from beaches to forests. So if you followed my advice and slept in Kuta, you have already seen a great beach, now it’s time to head to the forests.


road on a crest in a jungle in bali
The forest close to Ubud in Bali. It is a key point to visit during your Bali tour because a lot of walks and hikes start from here. Picture from @michaelmatti.

Ubud is one of the main cities in Bali. Here, you will learn about the local culture. The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is a place to visit for tourists, just like the Ubud Palace. But if you are not much of a city-lover, just like me, you should not spend too much time in Ubud. You should spend more time walking in the rice terraces around it. Tegalalang is the perfect point to start your rice terraces exploration.


Located 10 kilometers north of Ubud, Tegalalang is a small district of Bali. Its main feature is, you may have guessed it, his rice terraces. There are loads of bars and restaurants on top of the terrace to enjoy the view while cooling down. The pictures talk by themselves, so I will let you check them.

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

If you enjoyed the Tegalalang rice terrace, you will love the following sight. Since June 2012, this place has been listed as one of the UNESCO cultural world heritage sites. It is not a UNESCO World Heritage Site like Yosemite Valley, but it was named on the list, so it still deserves some credit. This place is called Jatiluwih Rice Terrace, and it’s breathtaking. To get there, you will have to go deeper inside the territories, but you will not regret it. You will also be able to see Mount Batukaru, which makes the landscape even better.

rice terrace with palm trees and a mountain
Jatiluwih Rice Terrace with Mount Batukaru in the back. Picture from @michaelmatti

Nusa Penida Island

Now that we deeply explored Bali’s land, we should go back to the sea. This it totally possible in Bali, and there is still more to see.

I recommend that you book a boat ticket to Nusa Penida Island. Located southeast of Bali, Nusa Penida Island is a hilly island with amazing features. You will enjoy the cliffs and the seashore from this island.

The second picture almost looks like a blue hole. If you want to read about the one located in Belize, I recommend that you read the article I wrote about Why is The Great Blue Hole so dangerous?


Ending your Bali tour on the main island is a great choice to get back to the airport easily. That’s why, for the last couple of days you are here, you can have some fun in the various waterfalls of the island. Some of them are known by tourists, whereas others are a little bit secret. The Tegenungan waterfall is a great one to start, but there are a lot of others to see around the island.

To end this Bali tour, here are some pictures of hidden waterfalls in Bali. Those ones are not the easiest to access, but if you like hiking, you will definitely enjoy visiting them.

Create your Bali tour

Now to conclude the whole article and tease you even more, what’s best than stepping back from what we have discovered. In order to do that, I will leave you with a full IGTV that reviews all the different places I mentioned during this guide. Once again, the video is from @michaelmatti, who is, for me, the one who documented the best Bali.

Bali is an incredible island. Every corner is beautiful. That’s why you should really create your Bali tour and wander wherever you want to wander.

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See you somewhere in the world.


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